Does the Samsung Galaxy J5 support screen mirroring?

J5 has sreen mirroring support?

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The samsung Galaxy J5 -J7 will not support mirroring. its isnt enabled at the OS. But, If you use a Chromecast device, It will work. I just did it and it was able to connect to my TV screen. It will also give you the option to Cast your Desktop to the TV (Mirror your smart phone screen). It can be set also using a Mobile Hotspot, so you can use your phone data plan to connect to the chromecast and be able to use at your Car Screen for example.

Why samsung j5 not have a screen mirroring??

samsung j5 mobil support from screen mirroring ???

Samsung J5 screen mirror supports yes and no

Samsung j5 mobile support from screen mirroring?

tell me how to screen mirror samsung j5 full details in process

I believe you can by using Google Chromecast and installing Chromecast in your phone.

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