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abdul sahid molla

Why does HTC Desire 820 take long hours to get charged?

Is there any problem of charging in htc desire 820 ? My phone is getting charged very slowly. Tried with original charger as well as data cable?

When I started charging , it took approx 2 hours to reach 30% from 8% . Is there any issue with the charging?

  • HTC Desire 820HTC Desire 820

Dear sir. i have a htc desire 820. i bought before 2 days. my mobile charging time vwrry short.  

That was the problem in PCB board , most off the phones from htc facing this issue , Soo change the board , if your phone won't Charge after hard reset , the board costs 500 in online , in Hydrabad Koti it costs 200 rs

Padmanabh Mayekar
Padmanabh Mayekar
We bought the phone now we can't even replace it so now it's just the flaw now we have to move on with in our life

Preeti Sirohi
Preeti Sirohi

My HTC Desire 820 Phone is almost 1 year old ,suddenly don't know what happen it start charging so slow, few days back it was just taking hour to charge whole phone but now in an hour it's only charge till 4-5% only don't know what's the reason. Around a week ago I had installed 1 video song from browser it might be possible it's a effect of virus but I have already removed that song as well as run the anti virus and scan too, still no change no gain, Please suggest because the battery status is too bad right now.

I had this problem. You'll have to recalibrate the battery.
Switch off your phone then press volume up and down and the power button for 2 mins . The HTC logo will keep on popping. That'll help

Even mine takes a long time to charge, no idea why.

Hmm.. Try charging using the original charge on a wall socket. Let me know if that makes any difference.

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