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Is there any affordable prepaid mobile plan in Canada with no hidden charges?

Actually I am a new comer to Canada and will have to stay temporarily here and need some temporary Prepaid Plan that does not charge me for incoming calls and other weird stuff which I shouldn't pay!
I have traveled to different countries but seriously never ever faced the serious FRAUD issue that Canadian Mobile Service Providers offer to customers!! They truly CHEAT the new comers and people who have few information. And I am so confused 'cause after looking through many companies that provide this service, I found out that they all combine several complicated "Terms and Conditions" within their services. No matter how deep you study those, there is no clue about the EXACT amount of money they will take from you for their service! the price they show is "subject" to turn into double, triple, quadruple, or more!!.... God knows!

My brother bought Rogers Prepaid at first and then he switched to Fido Unlimited Postpaid Plan which appeared to be 40$/Month but so far it has been also overcharging him for things that he never did with the sim card! all companies appear to be Quite Same CHEATERS!
But still got hope whether there would be some service I could have the chance to choose for temporary time that I haven't noticed within 2 months... IS THERE ANY??

    Depending on where you live, Public Mobile is a good phone company with no hidden costs.

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