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Dick Barmann

How to use speech to text in LG Tribute 2?

In the past with other phones I could click on the Mike shown next tp the keybpard and use Speech to Text. I cannot get this set up in the Tribute.

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yes, trib 2 - you have to hold cog button down to talk speech to text unlike my old android had the mic on the keypad itself not so comfy when you need to do it quickly.. having mic button on keypad was lot easier to hit and jus talk but I will say when I speech text, there were no misread words...on this phone. it was exactly like I said. it understood my English. the other android made out words I didn't even say. lol takes time getting used to but for lg trib 2 at $20 on sale, it's a good back up phone when one phone doesn't work till you get a good phone you really like the only problem I have is when I call someone, it fades in/out on the hearing part of it. like it's distorted a little. maybe if inside the walls like the house. but still????

It may depend on the keyboard you are using. Some keyboards have mic icon for speech-to-text.

Go to messaging screen where you type in the message bring up keyboard on the keyboard hold settings cog down and the mike icon will show then select mike and talk should be enabled

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