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Why can't I factory reset LG Sunrise?

It won't let me check anything

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just go to setting and click remove device from this account

Thank you Carl.

Releasing the power key at the LG logo then holding it back down again did the trick.

Not to see about getting past the email account!

Thank you so much. It worked for me. Have an LG C16. To reset to factory settings, press the power button and the down volume button. Screen comes up to reset but has a Kill switch. Go to McAfee on your phone and you will see setting to turn off Kill switch. It will ask for a McAfee password. If you can't remember request the reset link. Then reset the password, enter it to turn off Kill switch. It worked for me and my phone is now completely factory reset. Thanks again for your help here.

Wow...i think i just fell in lovev w u!!  Seriously, ur a lifesaver!

Thank you!

I know the secret. Go to McAfee, then go to settings and disable "lock your phone". It should ask for your pin or for you to make one, once you do so, it will turn off. Then you can freely reset your phone. Hope this helps

I had the same kill switch prob and called Tec support and they couldn't get itreset either!!! But they did over night me a brand New phone!!!

I'm having the same problem, mine says disabled by server policy. When I do the v.down, power, and home keys, it only opens the phone in safe mode. I'm inexplicably running out of space on my phone, even though I've deleted and/or moved nearly everything. I need a wipe out.

My husband just had to do it and instead of releasing the power button and repressing it, he just held it down until he got the factory reset screen. Reset was successful. Give it a try. Idk if you can with the kill switch problem. But I hope it will help even though it is only a slight difference.

my phone is disabled by kill switch( factory data reset is disabled by kill switch ) and I c ant turn on please help me

I am having the same problem. I try to reset my phone, but it says factory reset has been disabled by kill switch and my phone won't turn on. Please, tell me how to fix it.

You may be greeted with a msg that say's factory data reset is disabled by kill switch and it will stay on your screen forever! I still cant get past? Please let us know if you know the secret.

1. Turn off phone.
2. Then press and hold the Volume Down button and the Power button.
3. When the LG logo is displayed release the Power button only then immediately press and hold the Power button again.
4. Release both buttons when the Factory data reset screen displays.
5. From the Factory data reset screen, select Yes.
6. Select Yes to start.

Hope this helps.

I do my pattern for Google and still can't do anything.I can only make calls help please

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