Having trouble hearing people when calling on my Samsung Entro. What should I do?

I have a Samsung Entro cell and I find it hard to hear in it, and when people call me they can't hear me at all and rarely if they do it's squeeky muffled sounding. What should I do?

I haven't dropped or gotten water on my phone and right in the middle of a conversation it just went silent..they could hear me but I couldn't hear them..when I call back I can't even hear the ringing..I have reset the phone completely and that still did not there self help for this so I don't need to take it in?

There are two possibilities I can think of:

1. Your phone's mic and earpiece is broken.Did you drop your phone or poured water on it? Have your phone checked by an expert. Contact Samsung to find out where you can bring or send your phone for repair.

2. How good is the reception in your area? If reception is poor, it will be difficult for you to have a conversation over the phone. Before making or receiving a call make sure you check if signal is good.

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