Why can't I get pictures from the Huawei Ascend Y?

What process have you tried? Please try this and let me know if it works.

To connect your mobile phone to your computer and transfer files

1. Connect your mobile phone to your PC with the USB cable provided. Your PC will detect the microSD card as a removable storage device.
2. Open the notification bar, and then touch USB connected.
3. Touch Turn on USB storage in the dialog box that opens to confirm that you want to transfer files.
4. A Turn on USB storage message is displayed. Touch OK to continue. You can now transfer files from your mobile phone’s microSD card to your PC.
5. On the AutoPlay window that displays on your PC, click Open folder to view files.
6. The contents of your mobile phone’s microSD card are displayed as a Removable Disk.
7. Navigate to the desired folder and copy files from the microSD card to the desired folder location on your PC.

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