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Why can't I connect Samsung Galaxy A3 to TV using HDMI?

I cannot get my A3 to connect to a TV using HDMI adapter. How can i project content from my A3 to a TV?

The Galaxy A3 2017 will not connect to a tv via HDMI this is because on the A3 2017 you can connect via MIRRORINGĀ 

Does anyone know how to connect the old galaxy A3 to a bush smart tv I have no idea what to do I triedĀ 

Yes, it won't work, it simply doesn't have the hardware to directly send an HDMI signal to a TV. You need something in-between, either chromecast or another device.

What if the tv isn't a smart tv? Will I struggle using a cable?


How samsung a3 phone connect my he tv

how do i connect my tv and galaxy a3 phone through my hdmi lead

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