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Why can't I install any apps on the Nokia Lumia 530?

I can not install any application?

I had the same issue and solved it in the following way.
I had chosen to install apps to the sd card, so I turned off the phone, removed the sd card then restarted the phone ( without the sd card) I then uninstalled apps that were pending , and re installed them to my phone storage without problem.
Then go to storage sense and choose to install apps to phone only.
Wipe the sd card ( backup first so you don't lose music/ photo,s etc) then install the card to your phone and restore any music photos etc.
It solved the issue for me. Good luck

Hi Ali Mukiibi! Are you getting any errors or messages when trying to install an app?

I can't install apps in my Lumia 530. There shows an error code 80070490 when I try to install apps. The date and time is correct in my phone

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