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I bought a LG A341 phone bundled with a Telus SIM card and prepaid minutes. Can I use this phone with other providers?

Telus doesn't unlock phones with prepaid plans. I don't want to risk buying $100 of minutes for a free SIM from speakout and take the risk of it being useless. Thanks?"

Bruce Elliott

Telus put their rates up from .30 cents a minute to .50 cents a minute. Paid $40 to get the phone unlocked. Purchased a $15 Bell prepaid card from T mobile and the gentleman threw in the Bell sim card for free. Activated the phone with Bell and it works great and only .30 cents a minute. Phone still says Telus on the start-up but I am on the Bell network.

Hi Ratch. Your phone is locked with the Telus network and you need to unlock it first before you can use it with other carriers.

I tried a SIM card from Speakout and got the message:
Invalid SIM Card
Network lock
use TELUS SIM only.

Can the phone be unlocked?

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