Does the HTC Desire 820s support USB OTG?

Htc 820s supports to connect pendrive via otg cable?

I saw from internet ,we can enable otg support in htc820 by rooting .is it true?

what is the process of otg cable support in my htc desire 820s ?? is this supported??? Yes or no please tell me

OTG is a capability to choose the mobile to be a Master or Slave.
If normal cable is used mobile acts as slave means mobile is controlled by another device like computer.
OTG cables allows a OTG enabled mobile to act as a master. As a master it can control other devices like pendrive etc.

HTC 820s mobile does not support OTG function.

How to use otg cable in htc deaire820s

how to use otg cable in htc deaire820s

Answer this question...unable to connect usb in htc desire 820s


sandeep 5 months ago

My mobile is htc desire 820s.

i can not connect otg usb pandrive. plz help to how to active otg connection on my ht desire 820s mobile set?Plz


i can't connect otg cable on htc 820s pls help me how can i connect that

bhavesh vaviya
bhavesh vaviya

How to active otg cable to htc desire 820s device.

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