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How to unlock the LG 230?

LG 230

You can unlock your LG 230 mobile phone using network unlock code.It's the best way to unlock your mobile phone.If you need an unlock code visit Here you can unlock your phone within a day.

still locked

I have a LG230 my nephew locked it up, and we dont know the number.... how do I unlock so that we can use it again.

still locked

I called my service provider and they cannot help me .... my nephew locked it while he was playing with it.. we dont know the four digit numbers he I'm stuck without my phone...can someone help

Unlocking the phone so it can be used with different carriers can be done online though websites that offer phone unlocking services such as:

But if you mean unlocking your phone because you forgot your PIN code or security code, you can contact your service provider and they maybe able to provide you with your code.

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