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How to turn off voice commands on the LG 441G?

Straight talk lg 441G

Accepted Answer

On the LG 441G; The solution to turning off the woman's voice is to Settings, then Accessibility click OK, then 'Menu Readout' then click ok, now you can either hear her voice or turn her off = Off !

Sam, you posted this about five years ago, almost the same time I was forced off my Nokia phone by Net-10 and forced into a rather crappy LG phone.  You just saved the day for me in helping me find out how to turn that overly annoying and rather loud female voice narrating every damn move on my cell phone!  Unfortunately, we have to go to Accessibility to accomplish when going to Audio should be able to accomplish.  Again, thanks for saving the day with my out-of-control cell phone!

Thanks!! Hated the female voice that tracked every keystroke. Been trying to get rid of it for over a YEAR!Had looked thru settings but just never went to accessibility,so again THANKS!!

Thank you!  How did the "voice" even get turned on, on my phone?  I have no clue.   After searching for a minute or so through the different menu options with no luck, your instructions were perfect!

Thank you Sam for your instructions...finally got rid of that annoyance after two days....thought I had looked through all options in settings, but apparently missed it. Thank you again....written down now so I will always have close at hand.

I have a LG 442BG, and used the instruction above to turn off the female voice, even though they had a LG 441G, it worked for me, thanks. You could not be very private while she was announcing every key step.

Thank you, thank you.

Answer this do i make the voice be quite wen dialin a number

how to turn off voice commands on an lg flip phone

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