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How to turn off shutter sound on the Micromax Yu Yunique?

please tell this i didnt find an option anywhere..

Hi , how to unflip the image in Micromax yu yunique and also off Shutter sound ?

yu yunique power on off shutter sound

Hi. How to off camera sutter sound of micromax yu 4711 i m putting silent mood but camera sound don't off

How to off camera shutter sound I don't use third party app and I don't find any shutter sound off in camera setting

My mobile show any sound option

I am also facing the same problem. Can someone give me the solution

Hmm.. If that doesn't, may I suggest 3rd party apps? Check out apps like Silent Camera (link) that can take photos and videos without making a sound.

sudhir kumar_47382

How to turn off camera shutter sound?

That doesn't help at all. There is no shutter sound option in settings and putting the phone on silent still gives the sound.

Check camera settings first, some have options there to disable shutter sound. If there's none, simply put your phone in silent mode.

How to turn off camera shutter sound?

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