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Prasad M Gowda

How to remove the star symbol on the screen of Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)?

star logo show the top of Wall in my Moto G (2nd Gen ) mobile last 2 days

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how to remove star symbol

Thanks for giving advice how to revmove star symnols in moto phones

On the top of scrin star symble is coming. How can.remove it

What does this star indicates?

Why my moto g second gen mobile brightness becoming less day by day even it is in full brightness in settings plz help me

Its gone star symbol
Thnks for help.

Try this: Go to Settings > Sound & notification > Interruptions > Disable it and see if the Star icon is gone.

Please let me know if that works. :)

How to remove the star symbol in moto g 2nd gen

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