How to remove star symbol on the top of the screen of my Motorola Moto G (2nd Gen)?

my moto g 2nd gen. showing a star symbol on top of the screen. how to remove it?

my moto e3 power. showing a volume symbol on top of the screen. how to remove it?

Hey .my moto g3 mobile home and notificatio not work plz help me

Thank you very helpful. The atar was getting on my nerves :)

It's a simple function provided by Motorola so relax... Just go to
1.setting then
2.sound and notification
4.(at the top of the screen) select "always interrupt "

* when u hv the star symbol on top of screen at that occurrence your phone ring tone will be silent even from setting


How to remove top screen star my mobile

tap the volume button and change the priority to All. Star will be removed

i have already sent in my query..this is,what U need confirmation of above given e-mail i.d

Me having constant problem of 'plus red sign' on my Motorola G Phone and all d details provided above are not very clear to me,since I did try all this..yet the plus sign me in removing this in a simple way..and Thanks.

Try this: Go to Settings > Sound & notification > Interruptions > Disable it and see if the Star icon is gone.

the exclamation mark on the wifi network how to remove the ! mark


How to remove star mark from top screen??

How to remove star symbol in screen in motog 2nd gen

How remove Star indication in moto x play

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