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Donald Crocker

How to pair the LG 230 with another Bluetooth device?



For pairing with a new Bluetooth device

1. Open the flip and press Ok [MENU].
2. Press 3 [Bluetooth].
3. Press 1 [Paired Devices].
4. If Bluetooth power is set to off, you will be prompted to turn power on. Select Yes and
press Ok then press Ok again.
5. The device will appear in Add New Device menu once it has been located. Highlight the
device and press Ok.
6. The handset will prompt you for the passcode. Instructions for the appropriate passcode
(typically “0000” - 4 zeroes). Enter the passcode and press Ok.
7. Once pairing is successful, select either Always Ask or Always Connect and press Ok.
8. Once connected, you will see the device listed in the Bluetooth Menu and the Bluetooth device connected icon will show up on your enunciator when connected to the Bluetooth device.

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