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How to hand reset the Samsung SCH-R390?

I found my old Samsung which i thought I lost, however i can not remember the 4 digit password to unlock. is there a way to reset without the menu. or by hand reset.

Sch r-390 samsung is locked I forgot my 4 digit code how can I unlock it

Jean Marie Currie
Jean Marie Currie

How to Reset phone without code

You can restore the default factory settings for your device; from the standby screen, press Menu Menu key > Settings Settings Icon > Phone Settings > Security > Reset Phone. Scroll down to select Yes, press the Select key key, and enter your Lock Code. Your device will power-cycle and reset back to factory defaults. When your device is done power-cycling, press *228 then Select key from the standby screen to reprogram your device.

NOTE! Using the Reset Phone feature will not delete your personal information; it will restore only settings like default ringtone, keypad tones, and display settings.



How, to hard resest a Samsung cricket sch r390

Hey jose. You should bring your phone to your carrier. They should be able to help you unlock your phone.

can i reset my samsung sch 390 i forgot my 4 digit code

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