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samsung c414

How to set-up speed dial on the Samsung C414?

speed dialing

How about not putting in 1? Just enter the area code and the 7 digit number.

I have followed the above instructions and the # (landline) will not stay in the speed# assigned. It works for cellular numbers but not the landline. I have entered it as 1 (area code) then the 7 digit #

Could you help me please

1. From the idle screen, press Contacts > Speed Dial List.
2. Highlight an unused number and press Options > Assign.
3. Select Address Book or FDN Contacts.
4. Highlight a contact to assign to the number and press Select or the Ok key.
5. To make a call using the Speed Dial feature from the Idle screen, press and hold the speed dial number. The phone number assigned will automatically be called.

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