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How to change the default home screen on the Huawei Honor Holly?

I've changed the Default Home screen to basic. But i don't know how to change to Default Home screen.

Old question, but I didn't get the easy answer when I looked it up today. Just scroll through the simple home and you will find an entry for regular home. Just touch it to go to regular home.

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once after i set the date and time on the settings, how to make the date and time being shown on the homescreen?

Go to settings - tap on Apps - select 'all' apps - scroll down to 'Huawei Home', tap it - tap 'Clear data'.

How to change the default home screen on the Huawei Honor Holly..reply must

You have to clear the default home screen first to be able to choose another default screen. To do so: Go to Settings > Apps > Look for the default launcher you are using, tap it > tap Clear defaults.

For example, my default home screen is Smart Launcher Pro. I go to Settings > Apps > under Downloaded I look for Smart Launcher Pro > I swipe 'til I see Clear defaults. Then I press home key and an option should pop up asking you to choose which home screen to use.

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