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How to change ringtone on the Samsung C414?

Have had nothing but trouble with this phone.. in many areas, I have done what you suggested and its not working. VERY disappointed with this phone

You need to change your Sound profile.

1. In Idle mode, select Settings -> Sound Profile.
2. Highlight a profile type and press Select. The selected profile activates.

Select "Normal" for example...

3. Highlight Normal and press Edit.
4. Highlight the Call tab.
5. Highlight Call Alert Type and press OK.
6. Select one of the following and press OK:

• Melody: the phone rings using the ring melody selected in the Call Ringtone menu.
• Vibration: the phone vibrates.
• Vibration then Melody: the phone vibrates then plays the selected
• Vibration & Melody: the phone vibrates and plays the melody

7. Highlight Ringtone and press OK.
8. Select one of the listed tones and press OK.
9. The tone will play. Press the Add soft key to add the tone.
10. Highlight Ringtone Volume and press OK.
11. Use the left or right navigation key to adjust the volume level (range is 1-7) and press OK.
12. Press Save to save your selections and return to the Sound Profile menu.

You can adjust all you profiles the same way... and switch between them when needed.

To change ringtone on the Samsung C414:
- From Idle mode, press OK and select My Stuff Sounds.
- Highlight an item in the Sounds menu and press the Options softkey.
- Choose Set as. Set as allows you to set the sound as Call Ringtone, Caller Ringtone or Alarm tone.

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