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How to change date and time on Nokia 225?

I have a new Nokia for work. The year and date are wrong. I have searched in clock, settings, and calendar and cannot find an option to manually change the date. We are not allowed to connect to the Internet on the phone. Settings only allows a yes or no answer to change time or date. Dates and time are wrong so cannot use the diary or alarm.

I have nokia 216 so pls tell Me how to change date & time 

how do I set the date and time on Nokia 225. There is no option in setting for this

Hazel Cordner

how do I set time and date on my Nokia 225

Flavius Q Zook

I have a Nokia 225 and when I go to "Settings" (the cog icon), I see no option called "Date & Time Settings" nor do I see an "Automatic Date & Time" setting. Can someone tell me how I reset the date and time on my phone because I have searched high and low through the phone and the manual and see absolutely no way to do this. Could you please tell me in a very step-by-step way, so the instructions are very clear? Thanks so much in advance for your trouble! :)

Thank you that's great. I was treating my hair out!

Hi, in Date & Time settings, can you see Automatic date & time? If yes, turn it off so you can manually adjust it.

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