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How do I reset my pattern lock on Lenovo K3 Note?

i forgeted my peattren password

Pattern lock lenovok3 note

@Carl P Its showing "Since Google has verified that a screen lock is already set, the password that you entered won't be needed." What to do next ?

I forgot my pattern,,hw to unlock my mobile without reset.

I forgot my pattern,,hw to unlock my mobile without reset...

i forgot pin code on my lenovo k3 note

I forgot pattern lock how to remove

my pin code error plzzzz help me

Please provide lenovo k3 note format code

s.rosary shanthi
s.rosary shanthi

i forgotten lock pattern how to remove it

Jitendra Kasana
Jitendra Kasana

i forgot my patten look so tell me about how do i this problem

how to remove pin lock of lenovo k3 note.. without reset ?

I forgot my pattern to unlock the phone and the answers given are not helping

Hi! I forget my new pattern lock . How can i reset my pattern lock

Hi Team, I forget my pattern lock in lenovo k3 note. Pl give me the feedback or useful tips to reset the pattern lock in front end.

I forgot pattern lock lenovo k3 how to remove it.....

K3knote pattern lock unlock how can we get solution..!!

I forgot pattern lock how to remove it..

my lonova k3 mobile pattern lock


How to pettpettern ?

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