How does the Samsung S425G compare to the Samsung SGH-T404G and Samsung R455C?

Can anyone rate this phone, or compare it's favorability over the Samsung T404G or the Samsung R455C?

If you live somewhere where signal strength, availability, and low number of dead spots are about the same between the best networks on GSM and CDMA (imo ATT on GSM & Verizon on CDMA), then I agree with Grindale. I would choose the Samsung S425G over the other two. Another minus for the Samsung R455C compared to the other two - 1.2 megapixel camera vs. 2 mp on the other two phones.

But if you're in a situation like I am, where one of the two networks is significantly stronger than the other, then go with the strongest network and forget everything else on the phone. imo They're all good phones with approx 4 star ratings on just about every review sites plus good reviews from all the pro reviewers. If you can't get a decent signal, all you can do is take pics and listen to mp3 - not why I have a phone. If like me, your strongest network is CDMA/Verizon, then you go with the only CDMA phone here, the R455C. If it's GSM/ATT you have two options to choose from & the best of those appears to be the S425G.

I travel around the country a lot, which makes it even important for me to go with CDMA/Verizon. I have talked to many other frequent travelers and they all say the same - Verizon has the best coverage, by far, of all the providers. Not all CDMA providers, just Verizon. T-Mobile has much less coverage than Verizon, so the next best options for domestic frequent traveling are ATT & Sprint - in my experience anyway and the many other frequent travelers I've asked.

Here are some advantages of the Samsung S425G over the Samsung SGH-T404G and Samsung R455C:

- Faster processor (416 MHz)
- Bigger internal memory (117MB)
- microSD support up to 32 GB

View the side-by-side comparison of the 3 phones, click here.

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