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How do you transfer pictures from the HTC Raider to the computer?

I want to transfer my pics from my HTC Raider to my computer. Nothing in the manual, how do I do this?

my phone doesn't pop up any notification when i connect to pc via usb, i tried selection all mode (disk drive,usb tethering,htc sync,..etc) but phone shows charging only, please help me out as i want to root my phone, and do u know if it's android version is upgradable or not,,pls reply ur valuable answer...waiting

To copy files between HTC Raider and your computer:
1. Connect the HTC Raider to a computer using a USB cable
2. The Choose a connection type screen opens and lets you choose the type of USB connection.
3. Select Disk Drive and then tap Done

Your phone's memory card should appear as a removable storage in My Computer.

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