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deb romaniuk

How to put LG A341 on speaker phone?

1 From the home screen, press the Right Soft Key for Menu.
2 Select Messaging (2) and choose Create Message (1).
3 Enter your message.
4 To add a picture, press the Right Soft Key for Insert.
5 Select Pictures (2) to choose a photo from your album, or select Take New Picture (5).
6 Press the OK Key for Send To.
7 Highlight a contact and press the OK Key to select the contact as a recipient.
8 Press the Right Soft Key for Send.

Source: User manual found in LG A341 page here in TheInformr.


how to text on a341. I can reply by luck but dont really know what I'm doing. please make tell me in clear, simple steps.

Hi Deb! The speakerphone feature can usually be activated during phone calls. The next time you are in a phone call, look at the screen and see if one of the menu buttons (top right and top left corners of the keypad) will let you activate speakerphone. Let us know if you find it!

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