How to get the Huawei Ascend out of Safe Mode?

How do I get my huawei ascend out of safe mode? It is making calls on it's own to the same # over and over again....tried taking ouut the battery with no success!?

Try removing the battery for a minute or longer.

I can't get my huawei m860 out of safe more. Battery removal doesn't work and noise track and power button method won't work either.

how to get huawei y511 off safe mode

Just restart your mobile. It ll automatically come out of it.
Sometimes partially installed apps will also be installed completely

If after restart and your phone is still in safe mode, uninstall the last app you installed, then restart again.

i delete all programs , i was closed my phone one day but still (safe mode ) how i can remove safe mode plz help me

Hmm.. Was wondering, can you guys check your volume keys if they are sort of stuck?

My phone is in same mode. I make factory reset then still in same mode. And in almost 2 days, how many times i reformat it, still d same..

How to remove the safe mode on huawei g610 ?

What should be done when volume key is struct

How to get rid of safe mode, with huawei Y635 ?

Thank's for your answers.

arthur afable

my G610 U20 is been on safe mode for two days now. all apps that was downloaded disappeared (facebook,cleanmaster,all games,etc...) I tried directions for rebooting,taking out battery,reseting to factory settings but safe mode is still on! need help please!!! thank you in advance!!!

pls help to set out of safe mode huwaei honor holly phone,i tried to reboot does not work....

how to get huawei ascend y 511 out of safe mode

Ple help to set out of safe mode

Honor bee y541-u02

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