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How do I delete contacts on my Motorola Moto G?

I would like to delete contacts from my Moto G phone that I brought just after Christmas 2013. When I follow the instructions
(Home menu > People > Contacts > Settings).
When I go to the settings the only things that appear on the list are Contacts to display; Import/export; Accounts; and Settings. What do I do?

guys its so simple. select the number u want to delete. go to edit mode. then click on menu (3 dot icon). it will give the option to delete.

I have had this phone for 3months and with the new update I couldn't figure out how to delete a contact.
Now I know.
Tap the contact you want to delete, then tap the pencil Icon on the top right of your screen so you can edit your contact, then tap the 3dots in the top right corner of the screen and the press the delete option.
I hope this helps

how can i delete contacts from moto g 2nd gen mobile

Access the all contacts:
handset icon then the three vertical dots, all contacts.

Tap the First Name tile (colored), then the silhouette of a person, then the three vertical dots, delete.


Still unable to delete multiple contact In moto g . Please help

sathia balan
sathia balan

i need delete all contacts option in moto G 2nd gen. i need help asap

I want to send a single message to multiple numbers, how do I select multiple contacts?

Just delete the Google account from settings and later again add the account . the care is to be taken that the contacts sync should be off

i deleted a contact number in my moto g2. but the number appears again...
kindly help...

Finally i can delete multiple contact on my motorola moto G with this simple tricky step. You can try this step

Still unable to delete multiple contact In moto g . Please help


guyz guyz guyz....
no need dat all the thing to delet
jus follow steps
go to setting
then swipe to d left
it ll show all installled app names
der u ll find contact app
go to dat and press clear data
here you go
all contacts are deletd

Just download the app called contact remover from play store and delete contacts in bulk.


Hai.i have imported contacts from memory.the contacts are duplicated.there is no option to delete the contacts..i have hold the contact for a pop up,but it doesnt work..please help me.

Hii..I want to send a single message to multiple do I select multiple contacts in the messaging app..??

Hi frnds... I am using moto G . I want to delete some unwanted word files from quick office.. But there is no such option for that.. Kindly help me regarding this issue...

Faisal hossain
Faisal hossain

tnx bro it is also help me......................tnx but now i can add my all account?

kumar anurag

go to setting, there remove your gmail and all other account,, all contacts will be deleted..


But I wana delete bulks of contacts.

Ritupan Hazarika
Ritupan Hazarika

go to menu>people
Here click the contact u want to delete, it gets enlarged.
Now click at the 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen and the rest u will understand by urslf

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