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How do I delete contacts on my Motorola Moto G?

I would like to delete contacts from my Moto G phone that I brought just after Christmas 2013. When I follow the instructions
(Home menu > People > Contacts > Settings).
When I go to the settings the only things that appear on the list are Contacts to display; Import/export; Accounts; and Settings. What do I do?

I went into the contact as if i was about to phone them but instead of tapping twice, to phone them, there is a pencil icon at he top there is a pencil icon tap on it and the screen changes to show a bin where the pencil was. Just thought this would help. Not sure about deleting multiple contacts at the same time.


In my moto 2xg when I touched the screen suddenly out going international calls ringing and interepting

Aishwarya Pradhan

Please don't freak out. follow the steps and you are good to go.

1) Open contacts app.
2) click on 3 dots appearing on top right of the screen.
3) Select delete option.
4) Select your contacts you want to delete, if you want to delete all then again click on 3 dots appearing on top right of the screen and check the check box.
5) Click on ✓ and you are all done.

If you want to delete or edit your contacts from your google account. Simply go to and sign in with your account and all actions that can be performed are given. You can modify them just like emails.

Cheers. :)



Once I delete the contact,it says DAT its not gonna be deleted but only be hidden -_- !!!!Please help


Hi friends.
All my contacts are syncronized with more no in single name. And names and respective contact no are mismatched .
Kindly give me the solution tohow to resolve this issues.

sukhpal singh rathore

how to deleit multipul contacts pls answer me

I tried and this worked... there is no delete option so you have chose the contact you want to delete and then go to edit. There you just have to erase both the name and the contact number. After these erase press ok, which is the o sign at the bottom of the phone. Now the in the contacts the no. which you just deleted will be blank so Later you can add another contact no..


Guys just log in to with the Google account saved on your device and manage all the contacts as you wish. Then don't forget to sync contacts on your mobile when you are done with the changes.

Guys, Motorola doesn't have any option to remove multiple contacts. Please verify any third party services from google play store to remove multiple contacts.
I suffered same with Moto G2.

sakkeer hussain
sakkeer hussain
sakkeer hussain

I want to create a contact group and store few common contacts in that group. I am unable to access this in my moto g 3. plz help


It's too simple .
Go to Google play store then download delete contact app ... Ny this u can delete all contact from your mobile


download an app called contact remover. you will find it on play store. its damn easy to remove files using that app. i have personally tried it.

Go to contacts>select the contact you want to delete>it will be enlarged>click on a pencil-like button which means edit>click on the menu button on the right upper corner>click on the option delete>and press ok.

Go into contacts, click the contact you want to delete, in the right corner there should be 3 dots, next to that you should have a pen shape,click that, now you should be on the edit page of the contact, in the right corner there is 3 dots again click that, then there should be an delete option click that. And then your contact you wanted to delete should now be deleted

Rony Thomas

You need to make sure that you turn off wifi and 3G/4G whatever that you have on the device first, then go to settings> applications> manage applications> Contacts storage>clear data


Go to Contacts select contacts that you want to delete, hold the contact right side you can see pen symbol press the pen symbol than you can see right hand side dot-dot line press that line you can delete option.

sagar salot

I want to create a contact group and store few common contacts in that group. I am unable to access this in my moto g 2. plz help

When i try to delete a contact from list, it showing pop-up that "this contact contains information from multiple accounts. Information from read-only accounts will be hidden in your lists of contacts, not deleted".
What to be done to delete the contact permanently??

ple help out..!!

In my Moto G phone when i add my gmail id then in contact list its showing so many duplicate contact no is there any solution how i can delete duplicate contacts


how to delete double contact in moto g2 version. I am trying so many time but not deleted. pls suggest to me.

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