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How do i change the voicemail number on the Samsung Galaxy J5?

i accidentally set the number to the same number as an NHS one now everytime i call my voicemail it goes to the NHS instead

How do i take my voice mail off thank yoy

Finally!!!! Some use usefull information , thank you so much

I set 1471 as the voice mail number on my mum's phone because that would be the number she calls on her landline... however she now has a permanent notification that she has a new voicemail (she wants it gone obviously). When I tap the notification it just comes "the 1471 service has now closed". The phone is a Samsung j5..... any tips??

Hi, I accidentally set my dad's number as my voicemail so whenever I want to look at my voicemail, I ring him. Also it has left a sideways 8 at the top left of my bar and it won't go away from where I can't listen to the message (by the way, I have a Samsung galaxy j5). If anyone can help in anyeay please do! :-)

Hi alice. Follow this steps:
1. On the dialer, click on the 3 dots on the top right corner.
2. Tap settings.
3. Tap call settings.
4. Tap voicemail
5. Tap setup
6. Tap voicemail number
7. Enter the voicemail number
8. Tap OK.

Hope that helps!

My Voicemail icon appeared on the top Bar . . It wont go away, I put my cellphone number in don't know if that was right but it said your voicemail number has now changed. . . . and it's still on the top bar looking like a sideways number 8 it is really annoying me now . . . how to get rid of it ? I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 which is a inferior phone to my last S3 mini . . . Thank You for any advice . . .

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