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How to unlock the Huawei U1250?

I turned off and then took off battery. after that my cell phone didn't start up. Please someone tell me how it start again.

It's asking for a NCK password and Wind can't seem to help me. They know the PIN password and the PIN 2 password and the PUK and PUK2, but the NCK appears to be something else. They said pull the battery out while runing, take out the SIM card. Wait a couple of minutes and then put it back together. The problem is it goes right back asking for the NCK passworgo d rather than letting me follow the rest of their directions which were. A. go to menu, B. go to settings C. go to network D. use the manual to find Wind while it scans for it. E. Select settings. (but I can't get far enough to try it) Some one else says that the NCK password request is a SIM card issue, not a phone issue. Can anyone tell me what to do next?

Please check if your battery was placed back properly. If it is, but phone is still now working, it's advisable to have it checked in an authorized Huawei repair center.

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