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Muriel Ferris

How to transfer applications to the ZTE F160?

How can I get Applications eg: getjar on the ZTE F160?

Here's how you can transfer files to your phone:

Using a memory card:
The ZTE F160 has a microSD memory card slot. If your personal computer is compatible with that type of card, you should be able to transfer files from computer to your phone. Just insert the microSD card to your computer and it should appear as a removable drive in "My Computer". Click on the “Removable Disk” icon to access the memory card. Drag and drop your pictures, videos, music, ringtones, and more, to your phone folder. To help manage your files, you can create more folders in your phone folder. When you’re done, use the “Safely Remove Hardware” feature to finish.

Via Bluetooth:
The ZTE F160 is Bluetooth-enabled. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol which lets you connect your cell phone to computers, headsets, car kits, etc. If your computer is also Bluetooth-enabled, simply connect both devices and transfer your files from your computer to your ZTE F160.

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