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How can I block text messaging on my Alcatel One Touch flip phone?

Hi Abe. If it's an AlcatelĀ A392A, I checked the manual and doesn't say it has a message blocking feature. I think you're only option here is to contact your carrier and hope that they'll be able to block the number for you.

Hi Abe. To force any app go to Settings > Apps > Look for the app you want to force stop, tap on it > Tap force stop.

By messaging app, I was pertaining to the app that you open when you open a text message. Can you tell us which Alcatel One Touch flip phone you are using?


Okay, but first you have to tell me how to "force stop the messaging app", and also, what's a messaging app?

Hi Abe. Do you want to block text messaging or just a specific number? If it 's the latter, most 3rd party text messaging apps have this feature. If it's the former, I'm curious what happen when you force stop the messaging app.

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