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How to backup files on the Motorola Razr?

How can I back-up my Motorola Razr data. As well, is there a "notes" feature on this phone as I had on my Blackberry world/ Thank-you in advance. Tony?

Hi Tony! Android phones don't usually come with a default Notes app. If you have looked through your apps and can't find one, don't worry as that's only normal. If you absolutely need it, you can just download and install a third-party Notes app through the Google Play store. A lot of them are available for free so you'll be able to have your pick of the lot.

As for backing up your data, there is something under Settings > Backup & reset that may be of use to you. Also, certain Android phones have a "Backup and restore" app available through the app drawer, take a look and see if you have that.

In case you do not have this particular backup app, you can download yet another third-party alternative from the Google Play store. You can do a search for "backup" and pick an app that you think is right for your needs.

Hope this answered your questions!

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