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Sally Crowder

Freedom Service Provider doesn't work well with iphone 7's does Simply Connect?

I believe that's the A1784 version of iPhone 7 Plus. I checked some websites for compatibilitiy and with SimplyConnect working using Rogers' network, it should work fine. Make sure to check coverage map first.

Sally Crowder
Sally Crowder

iPhone 7 plus MN4X2VC/A

when my husband and I went to get Freedom they said that their plan didn't work well with iPhone 7's and when I told my daughter in law (whose family use Freedom and she has a 7) she said that must be why her phone is frustrating and intermittent. 

Hi Sally. I believe that should work no problem with Simply Connect. But just to be sure, can you tell us the exact model of the iPhone 7 or which carrier did you buy it?

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