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How to unlock Ellipsis 7 if you forgot the password?

Help, haven't used tablet in a while and cannot remember password to unlock elipsis 7

I haven't used my tablet in months and I don't remember the password and I can't remember my recovery email or password and everytime I try to factory reset it it just turns on normally

In regards to Chinese. The boot menu will be in Chinese. Choose 3rd one down

@CarlP how do you select an option for hard drive reset

How long does it take after factory rest an ellipsis 7 to reboot

Ron L Miller

About two months ago I purchased an ellipsis tablet from verizon. I do not remember my password and I have tried all the passwords that I have used on my computer for various accounts and none of them will work. I am very upset and am wondering why I ever let the sales person talk me into buying this. I have had it for two months and so far I have not been able to use the darn thing. Please help!!!!

How do I download music? Which app should I use?

How do I reset my ellipsis 7 when I don't remember the password or the email and it is stuck in airplane mode?? My 9 year old daughter did this

I haven't used my tablet in a month and I never created a pin for my Ellipsis 7 tablet. I've tried to do the hard reset and it's still asking for a pin. How do I get pass the pin screen?

Hi maddie! Unfortunately, you will have to resort to Hard reset. Performing a hard reset removes all data including the Google account, system data, app data, app settings and downloaded apps. Only perform a hard reset if absolutely necessary.
Pictures, Videos and Music are also removed.

To initiate a hard reset:
1. Ensure the device is powered off.
2. Simultaneously press and hold the Volume button (press it in the middle or down) + Power button until 'Welcome' appears then release.
3. Select Clear eMMC (3rd from the bottom).


Well my tablet hasn't been used in a while and I don't know my pattern or my email. The email was used when I was living with someone else and that was their email. I no longer have contact with that person nor do I know the password for her email. What do I do?

Simply enter the Google Account you used on the tablet. A message will then be sent there to help you unlock your tablet. :)

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