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Is it possible to deactivate camera button on the Alcatel A392G?

Is there a way to deactivate the camera button on the side of the Alcatel 392g? (Button #9 in User Manual). I keep turning on the camera every time I open the flip phone, (big fingers)..RT


I just bought an Alcotel and had it activated. Some stupid engineer put the accursed camera button right where I grab the phone and there's no way to deactivate it. I plan to fabricate a little "bridge" over it out of bent sheet steel with the main attachment area being on the wide of the phone. I will either epoxy it in place or use heavy black tape.  A hole will be cut to keep the the mike open on the back. The engineer who designed this abomination should be castrated.

Unfortunately, you can't. Just be careful, you'll get used with it. :)

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