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Gloria Dupont

How to change notification sound when receiving a text message on Motorola Moto G?

How can I change the notification sound when I get a text?

How do you personalize text message tones for contacts on a moto g 1st generation

Go to file Manager...add the sound u want as u r notification sound to the notification folder in u r internal storage....then go to settings... notification.... default sound....the sound u added will be displayed there.....

Robin Stephens
Robin Stephens
I have put my phone onto no night time interruptions but when emails come through the phone still makes a noise. How do you turn the email sound off overnight?

How do I personalize individual contacts text message ring tones for my moto x?

Gloria Dupont

Great, now how can I put my custom ring in the Notifications/ Default notification

Hi Gloria! You can change the notification sound for texts on the Motorola Moto G by going to Settings > Audio profiles and going to the settings page of your preferred predefined profile. It should be under Notifications/Default notification. Let us know if you can't find it there!

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