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Why can't I change font on the Huawei Honor 4X after updating it to Android 5.1.1?

Earlier I could change font style on my Huawei honor 4x when I had KitKat 4.4.4 but after updating it to lollipop 5.1.1 I couldn't...... And there is one more glitch, when i play music from the music app the songs stop for a while, kind of hangs, It had this problem since the very beginning...... When I updated my OS to lollipop I faced some more problems like the phone used to display the home screen wallpapers (which I've set on random change) on the lock screen instead of the lock screen wallpapers and this glitch was repaired only after I formatted my phone......... And there is one more, whenever I get a call, earlier we had to swipe to receive the call but after the update we had to click it , but the phone still gets confused cause it randomly shows either of them, and it has not been fixed till date......... And earlier we could double tap the home screen to start the music, it was much easier and more convenient but now we have to first unlock the phone to play it...... And please do changes in the recent apps style its shows 4 recent apps at a time which sometimes make me feel as if I'm back in 2012-13........... And the change brought to switch between silent and general profiles. Again earlier it was more convenient u just had to press and hold the power button and then click to select but now if we want to go to silent mode from general, first it will change to vibration and then press and hold the power button again to put the phone on silent .......... Well EMUI is undoubtedly awesome but still there are many glitches that you all can fix to give the user a richer experience and ofcourse an ease approac, cause today any company can give you the best hardware in a phone so now everything depends on the sofetare , the interface and EMUI "could " possible rack at it...... And lastly I'm really sorry that I wrote all of this under the wrong question........

All these problems my phone also has plz suggest solution

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