Can I upgrade the amount of RAM on the Huawei Ascend Y 300?

Can i up grade the amount of ram to huawei ascend y 300?
Please let me know as quickly as possible, may i increase the amount of ram from 512mb to let say 1gb, thanx !

If you have too many apps installed, that is usually the problem. Try also to clear cache on the settings. If these two don't speed it up, put in an micro SD card and move files/apps to the micro SD card. If you use lots of media like images, videos and sound, these are loaded to some sort of directory as flash technology requires you to read the entire disk when it is plugged in. If you move this media to a micro sd card and remove it on startup, it would probably speed up your phone quite quickly!

my huawei ascend y300 was working fastly at first,but now its very slow .I have rested my huawei a million times to clean the memory but it dose not work.why/????

No, it isn't possible to upgrade RAM on your Android phone.

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