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Are files from my Samsung Galaxy S III backed up somewhere?

Not too long ago, my S3 was stolen, and I got a replacement from Verizon. Even though I didn't have my SD card and never actively backed up my files, somehow, all of them magically showed up on my new phone. So I assumed Samsung automatically backed up all your contacts, pictures, videos, etc. Recently, however, I upgraded to the S4. I just realized my contacts are all still there, but my pictures and videos are not. I already did a hard reset and sold my old phone, so there's no hope there. Is there a chance that my pictures and videos are saved somewhere in the ether??

My only other thought is, I did use the Android Lost app. Did that somehow back up my data remotely?? I just can't figure out how it made it onto my last phone without me having the physical phone...

Hi Holly. Your contacts were backed-up with your Google account. The moment you use the same Google account with another phone, contacts should automatically download to the phone. As for pictures and videos, maybe they were synchronized with your Google+ account. Install Google and see if the photos and videos come back. Let me know how it goes.

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