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All in Chinese

New Samsung Galaxy A14 5GB. All in Chinese, even the keyboard. I can manage to change from Chinese to English if I knew where to map it, but , well 'it's Chinese' so haven't a clue. Please help

Hi Maureen. Download the user manual that you can find on Samsung Galaxy A14 5G page here in On page 125 there's the instruction on how to change the device language. I wonder if the icons can help. Otherwise, I think if I was in your situation, I'd just factory reset the phone.

To factory reset your phone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone
  2. Press and hold the Volume UP and POWER buttons at the same time
  3. Release the buttons after the phone powers on and displays the Android logo
  4. Note: If the phone displays No Command; after several seconds, the Android Recovery Menu should appear
  5. If No Command doesn't disappear: hold the POWER button, press the Volume UP button, and release both at the same time
  6. Note: If the Android logo followed by the Android Recovery Menu doesn't appear, you'll need to start the process again
  7. Press the Volume DOWN button to highlight Wipe data/factory reset
  8. Press the POWER button to select it
  9. Press the Volume DOWN button to highlight Factory data reset and press the POWER button to select it
  10. After the factory reset is complete, menu items will reappear with Reboot system now highlighted
  11. Press the POWER button to select it

Hope that helps!


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