Apple no. 2 Smartphone Vendor, RIM down to no. 3

Allan Reyes 7 years ago

It looks like the BlackBerry Bold couldn’t save RIM from dropping down a notch in the cell phone standings.

The number one smartphone platform is still Symbian, but Apple’s improved market share of 17.3% was enough for them to sneak past RIM (15.2%) and land at number two. Nokia lost 12.5% from last year, but they’re still well ahead of the competition with 38.9% market share. Windows Mobile continues to slip downwards with just 13.6% market share. Due to the delayed release of new RIM devices such as the Pearl Flip and Storm, RIM could make a final push for the 2nd spot before the year comes to an end.


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  • jon_37375 7 years ago

    One of the biggest reasons why Apple isn't further ahead:

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