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Huawei Ascend Y215

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About SpeakOut

Voice network: GSM 850/1900 MHz
Data network: GPRS

SpeakOut Customer Service

Mailing Address:
Suite 2400, 13450 102nd Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3T 0C3

866-310-1023 (or 611 from your cell)

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Reviews (6.5/10 Avg. rating)

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Great Phone Service but.....

(21 days ago)

We have had SpeakOut for about 3yrs on three accounts and continue to love the service/coverage/prices with no plans to change carriers anytime soon. The people who find SpeakOut unsatisfactory are usually those that do not do enough homework and chose the wrong type of service for their needs and... More


Good for kids wanting a starter phone, or those who cant afford a contract

(25 days ago)

For what they are, Speakout is a decent network running on rogers' 3g network layouts. The price point is alright, with the lowest cost being 20$ for 100 minutes and unlimited texting, no data.


Forget about sending/ recieving mms

(6 months ago)

tried to use their sim with a package that included mms with my nokia they won't tell you the REAL apn and mms settings without that you have a phone but nothing more waste of time waste of money


Love it, cheap rates and long roll over.

(9 months ago)

I've been with them for a year. I buy my own phones, either unlocked, like the Nexus 5 or pratically any Rogers/Fido phone will work, even locked. I like the fact that calls are only 25 cents a minute and texting is a dime. I'm not a big talker, emergencies and I'll be late for dinner, or meet y... More


Cheap plans, customer for a few days, experienced rudeness from customer service

(10 months ago)

I'm a new customer and decided to go with Speak Out after looking at their rates and plans. I have to say I'm quite happy with what they offer. However I had to call customer service twice, to ask a few questions while starting out. Both agents were sort of abrupt and rude. I understand people have... More


Made a mistake and blamed it to the customer. How nice....

(10 months ago)

I have a number with SpeakOut and decided to transfer another number from Fido to SpeakOut. What they did was to remove my old SpeakOut number and merged the account to the new number transferred from Fido. So I lost my old SpeakOut number. When I told them that I never asked them to do something th... More


Changed data plans no good

(11 months ago)

I used speakout for about a year until they decided to change the unlimited data plan. It was passable at $10 because it was so throttled that even with daily heavy use I'd only hit about 500mb of data usage per month. With the new data plans performance is now full speed, but it also means you can... More


Great for basic usage

(11 months ago)

I like Speakout. Been with them for 3 years now. I don't use my phone much for voice or text, just for emergencies. The first phone I had didn't have wifi internet, so I purchased a smartphone that was originally through Rogers and put the sim card in, and Voila!!! I have wifi, so don't even n... More


Speak out is spam company ....

(11 months ago)

Terrible costumer service there is no help at all. They do not know to purpose of staying there. Also new data plan is suck.


Have 3 Speakout phones...

(about 1 year ago)

Phone 1... Love it. I bought $100 of minutes and got a free Alcatel phone. I'm not much of a cell phone user so my minutes are still active 11 months later. I love the 365 day thing. Here it is a year later and I still have minutes on my phone. I just use it to call if I'm going to be late or fro... More


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