Sony Ericsson W518a

AKA: Sony Ericsson W508
4.5/10 AVG.
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Specs summary


The Sony Ericsson W518a's screen is 2.2 inches with 240 x 320 pixels resolution.


The phone runs on the Other operating system (OS).

3+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 3+ megapixel camera. There is also a secondary front facing camera useful for video chat and self portraits.
100 MB

Internal memory is 100 MB. An external, Memory Stick Micro (M2) (up to 8 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a 920 mAh Lithium Polymer (Li-Pol) battery. Sony's performance ratings are 16.5 days standby time, 240 minutes talk time.

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Reviews (4.5/10 Avg. rating)

Pretty decent clamshell, with nice multimedia features and a medium price

from Softpedia (6 years ago)

Even if Sony Ericsson W508 has a standard clamshell form, it can attract fans of the Walkman series through its slimness and price. The only thing I found annoying was the big size of the phone when you actually unfolded it and put it to your ear. Otherwise, I think W508 is a pretty decent clamshell... More

Lives up to its Walkman name

from CNET (6 years ago)

The Sony Ericsson W518a has great music quality, a brilliant display, and a respectable feature set. It lives up to its Walkman name, but call quality and internal performance didn't quite measure up.


Worst phone ever!

(2 years ago)

I use to love this phone, but that was when I first got it . it was like the newest thing out there . I've used it a lot, but I am starting to really want to throw this phone out the window.every time I try to send a message it says" Out Of Memory"! I really hate this stupid phone , and I suggest t... More


More Good Than Bad

(3 years ago)

Good things about the Sony Ericsson W518a: -Supports YouTube videos. -Supports Opera Mini. -Great music quality. -Bluetooth. -M2 Memory Slot. -Minimize/Hide your apps and leave them running. -Hear your music while using an app. -It has auto rotation sensor. -Supports themes. -It has FM radio. -Quic... More


Total Rubbish!!!! Lousy!!! Worst phone ever!!!!!!

(4 years ago)

I have had my phone for 2 years, thank God my contract is expired! It has given me nothing but trouble since two weeks after I bought it. The phone has been replaced, the SIM card replaced who knows how many times and I keep having the same problems. It freezes, it drops calls, it shuts down, los... More


Worst Phone Ever

from Amazon (5 years ago)

do not buy this phone. The phone constantly freezes up on me and I have to remove the battery to reset the phone. I have gotten no support from Sony Ericsson or AT&T. I bought the phone for the Mp3 and FM radio, but I should have just gotten another phone. Sony Ericsson has no customer service,... More


Starts out strong, fades quickly!

from Amazon (5 years ago)

loved this phone at first. Keys were a little difficult to hit by touch (not much relief on the face), but loved the music and FM radio options. The camera takes GREAT photos. Although it has some quirks - some lack of customization with menus,etc - it was a good phone for about a year. I've not ha... More


Stay away from this good-for-nothing piece of garbage!

(5 years ago)

I bought this phone in March 2010 to replace an older LT unit that was falling apart. I liked the S-E's style, the camera, the size, and ease of handling. I am now awaiting my second replacement. Why? It locks up several times a week, requiring one to take the back off, remove and reinstall the batt... More


Keep freezing after only 6 months

from Amazon (5 years ago)

I bought this phone in January. I really liked it till last week. It just kept frozen. Every time someone called me, just kept ringing, and can't answer and can't stop the ringing. I checked for software update and even re-installed the software (lost all my paid games) and still won't help. I... More


VERY Dissapointing

from Amazon (5 years ago)

SONY used to mean quality at some point but apparently this is not the case anymore. This phone died after being near some condensation...not even next to it. I would recommend stronger phones like my tiny little Pantech that can survive an accidentally dunk in water... and my friend's i-Phone that... More



from Amazon (5 years ago)

This is my first review ever. I felt so utterly compelled by the grief this phone has caused me. I purchased it because I was seduced by all the nice features this phone has, as I'm sure you're considering at this very moment. Even now I must admit that the camera is superb. But that's probably th... More


Hate this phone

from Amazon (5 years ago)

I rue the day I let the customer rep talk me into this phone. Keypad is small and hard to accurately manuver w/ out hitting the internet key (for which I am charged a fee), the speakerphone is barely audible and comes from the bottom part of the phone (where your mouth is), picture quality is poor,... More


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