Samsung D807

AKA: Samsung SGH-D807, D807r, D807x

Available at: Rogers

7.3/10 AVG.
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Specs summary


The Samsung D807's screen resolution is 176 x 220 pixels.


The phone runs on the Other operating system (OS).

1+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 1+ megapixel camera. There's no secondary front camera.
18 MB

Internal memory is 18 MB. An external, MicroSD (up to 1 GB) expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a 880 mAh Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery. Samsung's performance ratings are 10.5 days standby time, 300 minutes talk time.

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from eBay

  • Condition: Used
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Contract: No
  • Located in: Canada

Samsung SGH-D807 (AT&T / Cingular) Cellular Phone

from eBay

  • Condition: Used
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Contract: No
  • Located in: USA

Samsung SGH-D807 (AT&T / Cingular) Cellular Phone, Decent Condition

from eBay

  • Condition: Used
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Contract: No
  • Located in: USA


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Samsung D807



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Samsung D807 Test




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Reviews (7.3/10 Avg. rating)

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Great Phone!

(5 years ago)

I love this phone. However, after a year and about 7 months, the band on it broke so the screen gave out and the speaker on it also broke. I gave up on it and bought myself a Samsung Propel for $250. I bought the Propel (spefically a Samsung) for the purpose of being able to create my own ringtones... More


Great phone but freezes on opening screen

(6 years ago)

Great phone but doens't last long. The first one lasted a yr. Sent that for repairs froze again instantly so got a replacement. That one lasted almost two years before the same frozen open screen problem. I love that you can create your own ringtones. It's a great phone but I wish it wouldn't f... More


i loove it :)

(6 years ago)

i've had the phone since nov '07 and it has been pretty good to me. i only charge it every other day, and i have only sent it in for repairs twice. it has made its way through countless drops and other accidents, including being thrown in a lake. i can honestly say its given a good fight overall.... More


Overhyped features

(6 years ago)

I bought this phone and for a while it worked great. After about a month, i decided i wanted to buy a memory card for it so i could store music. I bought a 1 GB card and the phone started freezing. I learned after I sent it away to be flashed for the third time, that Samsung doesnt support memory st... More


Not bad...not very lasting

(6 years ago)

All in all it worked well but had a realatively short life. This one lasted a year before the cheap jack for headset, charger, & usb wore out. My motorolla previously had the same demise. only that one lasted about 4 years. hrmm. Overall I really liked the phone setup and had no problems with r... More


Samsung suck for reception

(6 years ago)

Sleek phone but sucks for reception.. all Samsungs that I bought had poor reception!! Samsung take note!! Had a Nokia and that was a great phone but bad for all other gadgets! Had a Blackberry in 2006 and that was lousy as a phone, hope the new ones improved.


best phone ever

(7 years ago)

this phone is amazing! very sleek, great reception


samsung d807

(7 years ago)

i bought the phone off of a friend brand new. after a few hours it froze sent it to repairs and i got it back and it worked for a day and then it froze again! it's a nice phone but i dunno what to say doesn't seem to last long....


what a waste

(7 years ago)

i got this phone less than a year ago and frozen on me 3 times. it's still currently being "fixed" and i sent it to get repaired 2 weeks ago. i'll admit the LCD screen is gorgeous. but the performance of the phones itself is horrible. i wouldn't advise anyone to get this phone.


hopefully you'll be lucky

(7 years ago)

i got this phone in april 2007 and its frozen on me 3 times since. it hasn't even been a full year yet. hopefully if you decide to get this phone you'll be a lucky one and not have any problems.


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