HTC Touch Pro2

AKA: HTC Touch Pro2 - T-Mobile

Available at: Telus

8.2/10 AVG.
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The Diamond2 seems to make a bit more sense than the Touch Pro2 from an upgrader’s point of view.

- GSMArena team , GSMArena 

Specs summary


The HTC Touch Pro2's screen is 3.6 inches with 480 x 800 pixels resolution.


There is a Qualcomm MSM7200A 528 MHz processor (CPU).


The phone runs on the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system (OS).

3+ MP
You can take photos or capture video with the phone's onboard 3+ megapixel camera. There is also a secondary front facing camera useful for video chat and self portraits.
183 MB

Internal memory is 183 MB. An external, expansion slot is available for increased storage capacity.


The phone is powered by a 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery. HTC's performance ratings are 21 days standby time, 510 minutes talk time.

Prices (Where to Buy)

Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 CDMA PDA Phone - no contract require

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  • Contract: No

HTC Touch Pro2 T7830 (Rhodium W)

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  • Located in: USA

HTC Touch Pro 2 7380 Sprint Camera GPS Windows Touch Very Good Clean ESN

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HTC Touch Pro 2 - Black (U.S. Cellular) Smartphone - COMPLETE IN BOX

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Reviews (8.2/10 Avg. rating)

It feels like a brick in your hand

from Phone Scoop (6 years ago)

There's no beating around the bush. The Touch Pro 2 (TP2) from HTC is absolutely ginormous. It's literally the size of two iPhones stacked on top of one another -- big. Big. BIG. What's worse, it weighs a ton (OK, really only 6.61 oz, but still...). This is not a fashionable phone that's going to sl... More

Mid-budget Pocket PC that targets the mass market

from Softpedia (6 years ago)

I've been pleasantly surprised by the new, mid-budget device in terms of design, but a little bit disappointed about the new version of the operating system. While, visually, there are some changes, I still think that Windows Mobile is far from Android and the iPhone in terms of performance, functio... More

A powerful smartphone that delivers in performance and features to make it one of the best devices

from CNET (6 years ago)

The good: The HTC Touch Pro2 for Sprint offers a gorgeous touch screen, a spacious keyboard, and a 3.5 millimeter jack. The Windows Mobile device also features world-roaming capabilities, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.The bad: The smartphone doesn't support international 3G bands. The device is bulky in... More


Keeps a minimalist design with a numerous features

from PhoneDog (6 years ago)

The HTC Touch Pro2 is a fantastic Windows Mobile device, and certainly worth a look by anyone searching for a feature-rich PDA. Breaking the traditional candybar mold, the Touch Pro2 offers numerous features for both the business user and the media-centric consumer. The purchase price is a bit lofty... More


T-Mobile most feature-rich device ever released

from CellPhone Signal (6 years ago)

The HTC Touch Pro2, released yesterday on T-Mobile’s network, is T-Mobile most feature-rich device ever released. Meaning it is also one of the most expensive devices T-Mobile has ever sold. With a 2 year contract, you can pick up the Touch Pro2 for a leg and 3 arms, so we suggest purchasing it on a... More

Has its failings, but certain users will appreciate the large and excellent screen and keyboard

from CNET (6 years ago)

The HTC Touch Pro2 is rather big and bulky, which might put some people off. If you can live with its chunky dimensions, however, you'll be rewarded with a large, high-resolution touchscreen and spacious keyboard that mean you can reply to long emails or edit work documents without having to fire up... More

A massive improvement from its previous model

from Mobile Syrup (6 years ago)

Over the past month we played around with the stellar, but also heavy, slide-out 5-row full QWERTY device. It is such a massive improvement from its previous model that if you’re a fan of HTC and of touchscreens, this is one to consider.Some of the key features of the Touch Pro2 are its 3.6 inch til... More

A great device for power and business users

from CNET (6 years ago)

The HTC Touch Pro2 features a sharp, spacious touch screen and an easy-to-use full QWERTY keyboard. The Windows Mobile smartphone also includes conference call management tools for business users and offers good call quality. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. With a feature set to match its lar... More


A business person's best friend

from MobileBurn (6 years ago)

The HTC Touch Pro2 is a great handset if you're after a businessman's iPhone. It has a wonderful screen that is actually bigger than the iPhone's and much higher resolution, too. Some people even mistook it for an iPhone at first, probably due to the dark front with its chrome surround. The Touch Pr... More

More powerful gear and more impressive shell than the original Pro, HTC Touch Pro2 is in charge of the armored unit

from GSMArena (6 years ago)

Amid talk of Android and would-be heroes we're about to revisit HTC on their hallowed PocketPC ground. Good things seem to come in pairs for the company while out-and-out upgrades are always good news for the user. With two jewels in the crown and two pros on the squad, HTC march towards PocketPC do... More

This phone is an absolute nightmare-DO NOT BUY!!!

from Amazon (5 years ago)

Sure the phone has great features but what good is it if the screens are constantly floating all over the place and if that's not happening the phone is constantly I mean constantly dialing numbers by itself. This phone is an absolute piece of garbage. Do NOT buy it unless you enjoy being driven cra... More


Worst phone ever, its a BRICK

from Amazon (5 years ago)

Phone is slow, freezes all the time and just recently turned into a brick on me. So now I cant send text messages or use the touch screen which means I cant use any functions on the phone. Also the text message indicator has a bug and will get stuck having a unread text message mine was up to 4.... More


Good Phone But Needs Customization

from Amazon (5 years ago)

I bought this phone because I wanted a phone with a large screen, lots of memory, and a fast processor. I didn't particularly care about the sliding keyboard. Overall, this is a good phone, but it has some things to watch out for. For my purposes, I replaced the stock interface with SPB Mobile Shell... More


My favorite phone so far. Amazing capabilities.

from Amazon (5 years ago)

I have an iPhone, but I just can't get good with the touch screen keyboard. I also don't like that it can't tether or multi-task. So I went shopping for a replacement. I ended up with a T-Mobile TP2 mainly for the keyboard and Windows Mobile. I was amazed at how much more this phone could do. It rea... More


Truly a Great Phone

from Amazon (5 years ago)

This is a great phone. My previous phone was a smartphone (Windows Mobile) so I had to have another one when I upgraded to the newer technology. I have several email accounts set up in the phone and didn't want to lose that valuable capability with something like an iPhone. Multitasking is good... More


T-Mobile Touch Pro 2

from Phonedog (6 years ago)

Pro: - 3G - Sliding/tilting keyboard very nice - Nice camera - Decent built in speakers - Many applications, lots of them free - Decent processor speed - Good battery life, plays music for me for 24 hours on a full charge - Best touch screen so far - Stylish - Heavy, but feels very durable and is e... More


The perfect mobile phone

from Amazon (6 years ago)

I got rid of the iPhone a while ago, as it wasn't able to get past the "play" stage for me. HTC has finally made a smooth business phone that is easy to use, stylish, and stable. I have Windows Mobile 6.5 on it which completes that usage!


Telus is stupid

(6 years ago)

Problems with data connection on telus's end, so nuts to them for wasting 2 hours of my time trying to get my phone to connect to the network when this is a KNOWN problem with many other users, and there is no amount of effort I could put in to get it to connect... Anyway, on to the phone: Its big,... More


Not satisfied at all

from Phonedog (6 years ago)

Pro: Con: Using experience: 2 months It constantly freeze up. T-mo exchanged my phone twice and all three of them had the same problem. And the funny thing is t-mo tech support told me not to install any third-party software. Than what i am going to do with this powerful phone?


Almost perfect: why I chose the Touch Pro 2

from Amazon (6 years ago)

I spent over a month reading about and researching phones before finally ultimately choosing the HTC Touch Pro 2. I considered the i-phone (although not for very long once I heard the 3Gs is currently impossible to jailbreak), the blackberry, and a few other phones like the HTC Hero. I settled on th... More


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