RIM's CEO thinks Windows Phone is "confusing"

And now for the painfully ironic story of the day....

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, the same guy responsible for shipping the infinitely elusive BlackBerry OS 10, thinks that the Windows Phone platform is "confusing" and that Microsoft is overwhelming consumers with its numerous versions.

Ok then....

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I think we’re in a different position, we have 80 million users today - Nokia doesn’t have that, they’re not in the service play, they have no value on top of the handsets. - Thorsten Heins, RIM  
It's confusing at the moment, but that's the way they (Microsoft) communicate. - Thorsten Heins, RIM  
WM Power User
RIM CEO Thorsten Heins Takes A Dig At Nokia’s Position In Smartphone Market  

Thorsten still feels confident about the couple of Blackberry 10 devices coming in Q1 2013.

Windows Phone confusing to RIM's CEO  

RIM doesn't exactly have a crystal clear approach on things. The obvious way to illustrate this is to ask where is Blackberry 10?