If this phone looks familiar, that’s because it’s basically the Palm Eos that was leaked a couple of months ago which was rumored to be headed for AT&T. Now, it’s officially known as the Palm Pixi, and contrary to the previous report, will be released on Sprint in the US following in the footsteps of the Palm Pre.

Palm Pixi

This new webOS-powered phone will come with 2.63-inch 320x400 capacitive touchscreen display, 2-megapixel camera with flash, EV-DO Rev. A connectivity, 3.5mm headphone jack, 1150mAh battery, 8GB internal memory and a full QWERTY keypad. It’s also pretty slim measuring only 0.43-inches thick (for reference purposes, the iPhone 3G S is 0.48-inches thick).

Here's a video walkthrough on what you can expect from the Palm Pixi:

Palm has also added Yahoo! Messenger and LinkedIn integration in Synergy and a native Facebook app is also forthcoming. Here's a video of how the Pixi's messaging capabilities fare in live action:

Meanwhile, here's the new Facebook app on the Pxi caught on video:

To further entice buyers into getting this one, Palm will also be releasing a “Palm Pixi Artist Series” wherein five artist-designed back covers will be made available and can be purchased separately.The price of the Palm Pixi isn’t known yet, but considering that Sprint has lowered the on-contract price of the Pre to just $149.99 and this new phone doesn't come with WiFi, the Pixi could debut below the $100 mark. An exact release date, likewise, wasn't mentioned, but it is expected to become available in time for the holidays. You can read more about the Palm Pixi here.

Engadget was quite impressed with Palm Pixi, and based on its performance in these videos, we can't see any reason why they shouldn't be. If priced just right and Palm finally gets their paid apps out the door, the Palm Pixi can definitely eclipse the Pre in terms of sales and will mark the resurgence of the once beleaguered company back into the thick of things.