The Palm Pre, with out a doubt, is the sexiest Palm mobile phone to date, but what will truly set it apart from any of its predecessors and its current contemporaries in the market today is its new webOS. While we regular folk will have to wait for its eventual release later this year, developers have already gotten a sneak-peek at what this new mobile OS has to offer and they’re quite pleased with it.


Of course, it helps that it uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript which most developers are familiar with already. More importantly, their approach in developing a new mobile OS has opened up the door for a whole new world of possibilities. Pivotal Labs’ vice president of business development Christian Sepulveda best summarizes what Palm has been able to achieve with the webOS.

It’s a completely new way of thinking about an OS on mobile devices.

In their quest to offer up a new mobile OS, they were able to take advantage of familiar technologies already being used by developers and package it with a new and fresh UI that will cater to the needs of old and new consumers alike. So essentially, Palm has proven that in order to come up with something new, you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch.

With developers digging Palm's new webOS software, it looks like the iPhone and its App Store finally have some serious competition on their hands with the Palm Pre and its App Catalog.